Welcome to the site devoted to astrology as an instrument of knowledge of the external and internal world. The main theme of the site is the study of the laws of the development of human society using methods of classical (western) astrology.

This is the site of the Moscow astrologer Yuri Tor. You can find here Yuri’s book and order his astrological consultation. To get acquainted with the author, we offer you a presentation by Y. Tor at the VII Astrological Conference (Moscow, 2017) with a report on the theme: “The influence of the transpersonal planets on the development of psychology” (in Russian).

Astrology is not only a prognostic science. First of all, it is a science about a person, about how it is arranged, what he or she is searching for and what can achieve. To see from the height of the stars the labyrinth of human life and to find the guiding thread – these are the most important tasks of astrology, and we will try to consider them.

Observing how events change from transit to transit in different historical periods, we can see that the transpersonal planets spend a great job of guiding humanity on the path of development. Each transit takes us to a new level. 12 signs of the Zodiac, which the planets pass consistently, make this growth process is a versatile, multi-dimensional and cyclical.

At the individual level the transpersonal planets do the same job. After all the ascent of humankind represents the total development of each of its representative. In addition, the man is free to choose the place and the degree of active participation in this process, to a certain degree.
Meanwhile, at the astrological analysis of a person’s life the transpersonal planets are often regarded as the background because of their collective roles. Interpreting an individual transit situation, we may wonder “what does want Saturn?”, trying to understand what the person should put in order, which debts to pay, what choice to make. However, how often do we reflect what do the transpersonal planets want? And whether the possibility of a true harmonization of human life and understanding of the right direction is not closely connected with the answers to these questions?

At the individual level, transits of the transpersonal planets are often seen as fatal. People tend to fear them, especially in case of unfavorable aspects. There is every reason to do so, because evolution drags a person if he or she does not want to keep its pace. However, the transpersonal planets can show their other side, pulling people from the tenacious grip of matter and opening unlimited possibilities for growth. One may open oneself for the beneficial effects of the transpersonal planets, if to direct own thoughts and aspirations in the areas of mental, which are above the scope of concerns of his ego, and if he cares not only for his own development, but also for the collective one.

Perhaps namely astrology is called upon today to become a trusted advisor for a person, in determining the direction of individual development and life goals, and transpersonal planets – become the key that will help to go beyond Saturn, and open the door to a genuine cosmic way