Major aspects between the transpersonal planets are well reflected in transits. Conjunctions of planets manifest especially brightly. The aspects of the opposition, the square, the trine and the quintile follow further by the strength of the action.

Minor aspects between the transpersonal planets in transits are not so obvious. They are more difficult to observe and analyze.

Pluto gives great strength, depth, scale and often dramatic manifestation of the planets which make major aspects with it. Neptune connects the events set by the planets aspecting it, with the general population, often involving entire nations in these events. Uranus, entering the aspects, creates the preconditions for a qualitative leap in the development of the theme, being opened by the planet in the aspect with it. Uranus gives birth to new spheres, which go under the control of the planet, standing in the aspect with it.

The diversity of manifestations is very large and includes a variety of combinations of topics of planets and signs that host them.


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