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Why does each historical period differ in its own moods and aspirations? What causes ideological movements, political events, trends in science and art? Where does the initial impulse come from and what is the ultimate goal of this cyclic game?

This study helps to understand the patterns and logic of the development of human society by means of astrology – one of the few sciences that have the tools to address these issues. The study is based on the tradition of classical western astrology.There are not much tools to help us to understand the dynamics of our own lives, not to mention the life of humankind. However, astrology allows us to realize regularities of life processes at the individual level as well as at the macro level. Three of the ten planets of classic astrology not only affect an individual, but also the whole society. It is the so-called transpersonal planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Regularities of their effect on global processes are the subject of this study.

This work can be interesting and useful both for professional astrologers and astrology students, as well as for all those interested in astrology and looking for the way of harmonious and conscious development.