Each transpersonal planet has its own zone of influence, which corresponds to certain areas of life. It is in these spheres changings happen during the planetary motion across the zodiac wheel. What exactly is going on – the theme of a transit – is determined by the sign, which the planet is passing. Besides, the signs have the ability to diffract the energy of the planet, just as a lens refracts light: planetary influences may grow and weaken, acquire additional quality color.

Plutonic events go “from above” and are taken as given. The influence of Neptune is born from within, as if it is ripening in people’s souls. Impacts of Uranus are also felt by people as internally generated. But they come in the form of holistic ideas.

When a transpersonal planet makes a major aspect to another transpersonal planet, a mutual influence happens, and the emanation is marked by both planets. Thus, when one transpersonal planet makes the aspect with another transpersonal planet, its solo sound gets arrangement. If it is the aspect of the conjunction or opposition, the planets sound like a duo.

Each transit, like a good dramatic work, has its own script with rising action, climax, falling action and denouement. Entering the sign, the planet raises one or more questions and is working out them during a transit. By the time of its exit from the sign the results are quite visible, as a rule. The exception is the transits through Pisces, the fruits of which often ripe only in Aries. This is due to the fact that Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, nurtures the seeds for the next cycle.

The closer to the end of the zodiacal circle, the more complex and diverse manifestations of planets become. If planets sound like a simple monophonic melody at the first signs of the zodiac, the sound develops into a complex polyphony by the end of the zodiacal circle. Passage of the transpersonal planet through the sign is a kind of mini-epoch with its sentiments, hopes and aspirations, its special atmosphere. It can be understood only by having an idea about the plot of each of these “plays”. Therefore, being in the atmosphere of one transit, it is difficultly to understand the logic and motives of people who lived in another transit, especially if the transpersonal planets were in antagonistic signs. Picture of each transit is unique. It cannot be experienced again, as well as nobody can enter the same river twice.


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