13.02.1834 – 26.04.1847
29.01.1998 – 04.04.2011

Neptune in Aquarius brings progressive changes of social consciousness and a strong need for freedom and independence. The society undergoes qualitative change of its perception of the world, which expands. There may be formed new social groups, heading the social progress. In the spheres, controlled by Neptune, discoveries and reforms take place and new areas of knowledge appear.

Neptune in Aquarius caused urge for the internal and external freedom. In the late 1830’s, in England workers began to form their own organizations, which put forward the requirements of the broad democratic reforms: the introduction of universal suffrage, the abolition of the property qualification for MPs and the secret ballot, etc. In 1836, these requirements were summarized in the Charter, and gave a birth to the nationwide movement for the adoption of the Charter, “Chartism”. Chartism is considered the precursor of social democracy.


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