30.04.1697 – 03.07.1710
13.04.1861 – 08.06.1874

Neptune in Aries protects the weak and the oppressed groups of population. These groups gain will and determination to fight for their rights. This impulse can drive people to act fanatical and inexorably, make them be ready to go to the end.

It may seem at first glance, that Neptune in Aries behaves similar to Uranus. During transits of both planets, we can see the passionate desire to fix things, that can no longer be tolerated, the want to transform the world. However, the momentum comes from different sources. During Uranus transits through Aries “our indignant mind is boiling (with anger)”, the source of the impulse is an idea. In addition, people are eager to share this idea with the whole world. During Neptune transits, the source of the impulse is feelings.
When such transits follow one another, as it was in the middle of the XIX century, both motives come into force, leading to a drastic transformation of society. It is no coincidence, that epochal humanitarian act of the abolition of slavery and serfdom took place during Uranus and Neptune transits through Aries. These transits made the necessary changes in the minds and moods of society, and Pluto in Taurus has completed this process at the state level.

Neptune in Aries often shows its energy through public and political movements aimed to defend the interests of socially vulnerable groups. This may be the class, national liberation, humanitarian, environmental and other types of movements.


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