06.08.1737 – 02.08.1751
19.07.1901 – 23.09.1914

Neptune in Cancer raises to the surface the content of the unconscious layers of the psyche, which in this period begins to influence the life of society very much,  giving a great power and depth to social movements. The central social issues of these transits are national interests, woman questions. In science it is the time of major discoveries in physiology, immunology, gerontology, psychology. Creativity in this period is inherent in lyricism, an abundance of fairy-tale and mythological motifs.

Last Neptune’s ingress in Cancer took place immediately after its conjunction with Pluto in 1887-1896, which has brought society to a state of stress. A new source of stress was the opposition with Uranus, which lasted almost the entire transit period, from 1904 until 1912. It led to the fact that many of the themes of Cancer, which in other times would have manifested quite harmoniously, received not quite adequate expression in these years. First of all, it is a theme of national identity. The national theme acquired odious and painful character because of the high politicization of society, left by recent conjunction with Pluto.

Uranus’ opposition added exaltation and electrification to the public sentiment. The national question has become increasingly discussed in parliaments and became a subject of political speculations. Conflicts began to break out on a national basis.[…]

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