04.02.1820 – 13.02.1834
19.01.1984 – 29.01.1998

Neptune in Capricorn creates the need for monitoring, compliance with rules and caution in the areas of action of the planet. Many of its topics become the subject of a legislative regulation. Public sentiments are characterized by anxiety, insecurity, fear of the future and nostalgia for the past. There may be a feeling of lack of resources. Turmoil and confusion are possible in public affairs. Often it is a period of diarchy, interregnum and a transition from one state to another system. Religious orders can pretend to become a part of the civil law.

On the eve of the last Neptune’s ingress in Capricorn mankind was carefree enjoying life after the cheerful influence of the Neptune transit through Sagittarius. Capricorn set his accents immediately. Neptune’ ingress in Capricorn was accompanied by Pluto’s ingress in Scorpio, which brought HIV. Neptune in Capricorn gave a large scaled irrational fear of being infected, which was later called AIDS phobia. It is noteworthy that once Neptune left Capricorn in 1998, people became to take this disease much easier, although the problem has not disappeared.

Capricorn has zero tolerance for such questions as alcohol and drug abuse. This is a time of large-scale anti-alcohol and anti-drug campaigns and laws. In 1985, USSR adopted the decree On Measures to Tackle Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and the Eradication of Illicit Distilling (so-called “Dry Law”). Gorbachev began an all-soviet anti-alcohol campaign that lasted for 3 years, from 1985 to 1987. There was a mass felling of vineyards in the wine-growing regions of the USSR during the campaign.


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