11.06.1724 – 06.08.1737
16.08.1887 – 19.07.1901

Neptune in Gemini brings the triumph of rationalism and faith in the omnipotence of reason. The broad masses of the people receive the opportunity to get the education. Neptune in Gemini blurs the boundaries between classes and liberalizes society generally. Social activity increases significantly. People are keenly interested in everything that is happening around; they want to participate directly in the adoption of important public decisions.

The transit of 1724-1737 brought the Enlightenment in Europe. This is the start of creative activity of Voltaire (Philosophical Letters, 1734), which became a symbol of the Enlightenment. Gemini’s desire to cover a lot was typical for the scientists of the Age of Enlightenment. They did not choose one direction, but were interested in universal knowledge. In 1731-1754, in Germany, J. Zedler published The Great Complete Universal Lexicon of Science and Art in 68 volumes, the largest encyclopedia of the XVIII century.

During this transit, another famous encyclopedist D. Diderot began his great work Encyclopedia, published in 1751. During these years Latin ceased to be the language of science and was replaced by French and then by national languages. It made scientific papers available for much wider range of people.

In addition, scientists themselves have sought to popularize knowledge. Social communication and discussions became popular. Female part of the society, traditionally excluded from the scientific and educational processes before, began to participate also. Special editions appeared, designed for a female audience, for example, the book Newtonianism for Ladies in 1737.

Progress was gaining momentum not only in Europe. In Russia of Peter I the problem of education was an important question of state policy. Peter demanded, “as far as possible, children are to be taught reading and writing”. More than fifty public schools were created by 1725. A distinctive feature of Peter’s school was participation of all classes: all but serfs were allowed for education.


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