02.08.1751 – 09.10.1764
23.09.1914 – 21.09.1928

Passing through Leo, Neptune gives pride and self- approval to nations, classes, and other big social groups.  At this time, they hardly can hear each other. Nationalism and class intransigence.

Fashion and entertainment industries, all forms of the arts, especially theater and music flourish. Artistic styles of this time provide maximum room for self-expression. It is the time of a triumph of individualism in creativity.

Neptune, controlling the emotional sphere, has a strong influence on the character of wars and social conflicts. Neptune in Leo during the I World War in the last transit and during the Seven Years’ War in the previous transit in many ways determined the scale and dynamics of these conflicts, when local clashes expanded into the international confrontation in a few months. World War I began with the murder of two people. Uncompromising policy of ultimatums has involved into the conflict 38 of the 59 states that existed at that time.

The transit of 1751-1764 was also marked by the epic military battle. W. Churchill called the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) the First World War. All the European large states of that time, the majority of medium and small states of Europe, as well as some of the Indian tribes took part in this war. Several continents and seas became the scene of action: Europe, North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, India, the Philippines.

Neptune in Leo produces emotions of no less intensity in a class sphere. If Pluto in Leo – it is a cult of a leader and a dictatorship of a state, Neptune in Leo is a dictatorship of the people. Neptune, for sure, played a leading role in the revolution of 1917, which established the dictatorship of the proletariat in Russia. Having originated in 1917 in Russia, the class fire quickly spread throughout the world. In March of 1919, the first congress of the Communist International gathered 52 delegates from 21 countries in Moscow.

In the late 1920’s, Neptune left Leo as well as the ardent thirst for power left the proletarian hearts. Having considered the situation right, and maybe listening to knowledgeable consultants, Stalin renounced the world revolution theory and put forward the idea of building socialism “in a separate country.” He chose very successful tactic of propaganda of labor exploits and directed the thoughts of the people in the field of labor. This solution was simply perfect to control the masses in the period of Neptune in Virgo.

Neptune in Leo encourages active self-expression. The part of the population that was indifferent to the class and national heroics, expressed themselves in creativity and entertainment. During these transits, the soul is longing for celebration. A golden age of Hollywood, “the dream factory” begins since 1927. Cinema becomes a favorite mass entertainment. Since the beginning of television in the United States in 1927 and the UK in 1928, it enters people’s homes. In these years, theaters and restaurants become very popular. In the 1920’s, they are thriving not only in prosperous United States and Europe, but in half-starved Soviet Russia.

The epithets “The Roaring Twenties”, “The Golden Twenties” well reflect the extraordinary vitality and optimism of this time. Industries, designed to meet the needs in the creation of the image and emphasize individuality, were booming. There was born cosmetics industry and a fashion in its modern sense. Perfume industry was also booming. In 1920, couturiers started to work with artists, fashion became synonymous with art. Fabrics were embroidered with beads, decorated with fringe and feathers, long necklines are covered with fur boa. Regal luxury of Art Deco set the tone.


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