26.04.1847 – 13.04.1861
04.04.2011 – 30.03.2025

Neptune in Pisces brings a subtle perception of life, a need for harmony and balance. It enhances empathy, a sense of unity with all that exists. Public consciousness is characterized by a high degree of humanity and tolerance. There is a growing interest in religion and esoterics, the need for creativity. Culture, art and the sciences, managed by Neptune, receive a powerful impetus for development.

This is the period, largely opposite to the mood of the transits through Virgo. An important feature of this time is orientation to the inner world and searching for a balance between external necessities and internal needs. People are not only interested in the culture, but they themselves feel the need to write, play music, paint, and sculpt and to express themselves creatively in other ways. In these periods, the creative impulse reaches the widest layers of the population.

During these transits, consumer values lose their priority. People feel nature more acutely and need to have closer contact with it, strive to the very fullness of being, spoken about by the existentialists during Uranus transits through Pisces. Someone changes the profession to more creative or to the one that meets his internal needs, someone tries to have more free time. A phenomenon of downshifting, that has swept many countries in recent years, revealed all these tendencies very clearly. It has appeared first at the early 2000’s, on the transit of Uranus through Pisces. Then the downshifters were considered the madmen who gave up well-organized life in metropolitan areas and went into the backwoods for unclear reasons. When Neptune entered Pisces, downshifting acquired a mass character, being in tune with the priorities that Neptune puts in Pisces: vitality, turning to inner world, creativity, life in a natural rhythm.

Neptune in Pisces is the time of humanism. These periods are a great contrast to the periods of Neptune in Virgo, when people could doom millions humans to ​​artificial famine and other torments. Killing a human becomes an extraordinary thing, when Neptune is in Pisces. People and nations are inclined to help and provide shelter to those in need. At that time, the European countries supported migrants and refugees from troubled regions of the world.

During the passage of Neptune through Pisces tolerance towards otherness of any kind and unprejudiced attitude are rising, and aggressiveness and intolerance are considered negative qualities. An example of such tolerance is the wide recognition of the rights of homosexual people in the western countries, the condemnation of homophobia and xenophobia as such.

Neptune in Pisces makes people very sensitive to the natural environment and forms environmentally-oriented world outlook. Ecology becomes a personal matter. People in the various countries of the world begin to worry about waste generating, add remark “consider environment before printing this email” in their email signatures and do other things, aiming to protect the nature.

Organic food acquires increasingly big importance. The society is experiencing a real organic boom: people are hunting for 100% natural products and declare a war on surrogates.

Domination of surrogates is also a big topic of Neptune in Pisces – the topic of deception, falsification. Already in the middle of the last transit, the number chemical food additives reached hundreds of units, areas of genetically modified crops got close to half of the total crop area.

Virtual reality offered a substitute of reality. There appeared a whole category of people “living in the network”. The science fiction film by Jonathan Mostow Surrogates (2009) very well covered this theme. Neptune in Pisces also offers its traditional methods of relaxation – alcohol, tobacco and drugs.


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