02.11.1792 – 28.01.1806
24.12.1955 – 04.01.1970

Neptune in Scorpio touches the deepest strings of people’s souls, and brings to the surface things that were suppressed for a long time. This is a period of existential crisis, uncovering of the taboos and rejection of outdated values. The result of these processes is the birth of a new culture. Energy practices and psychedelic experiences become very popular in this period. The sexual side of life is emphasized. In the art, it is the time of occurrence of rock music and blossoming of Gothic novels and horror movies.

The transit of 1955-1970 began with a crisis of social ideals that has swept across the world and spawned counterculture. Counterculture opposed the established norms and focused on the sensory-emotional, deep and genuine experience of being. It took different forms depending on the dominant ideology. There was disappointment in communist ideals in the USSR and other socialist countries. Western countries began to understand the inferiority of the consumer society and the orientation on the external social success as the goal of life.

It is interesting, that the most astute commentators recognized the narrow any attempt of rational explanation of counterculture and pointed to profound internal causes of this phenomenon. American writer Irving Kristol writes: “It is fair to say that nothing happened to provoke this rebellion—there was no visible crisis, or even any sense of crisis, in the economies, the societies, and the politics of the West. Even America’s serious involvement in Vietnam, which is frequently pointed to as a cause, will not serve, for the emergence of the counterculture antedated it by several years. Anyway, such a parochial explanation overlooks the international nature of the movement. The fact is that the counterculture was not ‘caused’, it was born. What happened was internal to our culture and society, not external to it”.


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