03.07.1710 – 11.06.1724
08.06.1874 – 16.08.1887

Neptune’s ingress in Taurus often changes people’s attitudes to their place of residence. The tendency to idealize the new lands and associate them with new opportunities characterizes these transits. Neptune in Taurus draws hearts not only to the benefits of the material world, but also to the beauty of its forms. Applied arts bloom. New artistic styles, new trends and forms of expression in music appear.

In Russia, after the abolition of serfdom, tens of thousands of peasant families went to Siberia in the hope to find a free life and the farm of their dreams. From 1864 to 1914, more than 3.5 million peasants moved there. In the same period, millions of people left their homes and emigrated to the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, searching for a better life. From 1865 to 1918, about 27.5 million immigrants from different regions came to the United States.

Pluto, which was also in Taurus, added its own motivation – forced emigration. At this time Chechens, Circassians, Abasins, Nogays were massively deported from Russia to Turkey. After the anti-Jewish pogroms in 1882, many Jews were forced to leave for Palestine.

During the transit of 1874-1887, global changes, related to people living area, took place. It was urbanization. These years were a turning point, when the urban population quantitatively outweighed agriculture population. Since then the migration flows towards cities grew constantly.

While passing Taurus, Neptune puts forward the topic of finance and wealth. Money is idealized and becomes a mirage. During the last transit, it attracted thousands of people to the gold mines in Siberia, Brazil’s diamond mines, mines in the basins of the rivers Yukon and Fortymile River. These historical events are reflected in the works of J. London White Fang, The Call of the Wild, Smoke Bellew, and in the novel of J. Verne Golden Volcano.

Neptune transits through Taurus are a blessed time for creativity. At this time, many art and craft associations were established: artistic associations in Europe, Peredvizhniki (The Wanderers or The Itinerants), and Abramtsevo Artistic Club in Russia, The British Guild of Ages (1882-1888), The Society of Arts of St. George (1883), The Guild of art workers (1884).


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