09.10.1764 – 18.10.1778
21.09.1928 – 03.10.1942

Transits of Neptune through Virgo are associated with the most difficult periods in the lives of people. They may be marked by large-scale humanitarian disasters and massive hard work. Healthy lifestyle and applied education are getting very popular at this time. This is a time of discoveries in medicine and stagnation in culture and art.

In Virgo Neptune’s influence is weakened. That is why during this period people are much less inclined to humanism and compassion, than in any other times. Human life in these transits may cost remarkably little. Most of the last period of Neptune transit through Virgo coincided with Pluto’s stay in Cancer. The main reason for the atrocities of that time is explained by the topics that Pluto raised at the state level (see below). Here, speaking about Neptune in Virgo, it is important to note that no matter what orders come from “above”, they cannot be implemented in the scale of state in case they meet resistance of the people.


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