Neptune cares for life as such, in all its manifestations. The cradle of life is water. A lot in transits of Neptune is associated with the water element: the seas and oceans, minerals in the liquid state, the humoral component of living organisms. Accordingly, Neptune governs the water industry, the oil industry, oceanography, biology, medicine, genetics, etc.

It is no coincidence that water is the symbol of the irrational content of the psyche. Neptune rules the unconscious part of the psyche. Therefore, psychology is almost completely under the control of this planet. Neptune transits greatly manifest in psychological terms. An important feature of the unconscious part of the mind is the ability to feel kinship, universal unity. At the social level, it is reflected in patriotic and nationalist movements, the rise of national consciousness, the spread of national ideas, unifying tendencies of various kinds.

Higher expressions of mental activity manifest in religious and creative activities. Religion, culture, art and humanistically oriented philosophy are an important domain of Neptune. The highest manifestation of the planet is unconditional love for all living things. Therefore, Neptune is associated with manifestations of humanism and compassion.

In addition, Neptune manages the areas of human knowledge, which require a large participation of intuition and creative thinking. It is chemistry, mathematics, physics, etc.

When it comes to immature people, Neptune often manifests as a desire to evade responsibility and life tasks and escape into the world of illusions and artificial pleasures. These desires often end in alcohol, drug and other types of addictions. The appropriate social phenomena – narcotization, alcoholism, gambling and technology addiction – are also reflected in transits of Neptune.


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