08.01.1762 – 27.01.1778
26.01.2008 – 23.03.2023

During this period, the rulers are afraid of external aggression and internal disturbance. They tend to put under maximum control the country’s life by means of strengthening the police force and the expansion of the power structures. The way of administration is characterized by conservative mood, a look into the past, an attempt to revive the old management model. The economy has the recession, lack of money. Credits are difficult to access. Investors are worry and look for a safe haven for their capital.

The transit of 2008-2023 began with the Davos World Economic Forum, where it was recognized, that the world economy was going through a financial crisis. It was the time of the beginning of global financial crisis of 2008-2010, which impact was felt throughout the whole transit. The roots of the crisis are in high debt load on the economy and the private sector and a large share of unsecured loans that were taken in the hope for the rapid growth of the economy. Strongly overheated in Sagittarius, the world economy began to contract sharply. It is interesting, than the trigger of the crisis turned out to be the real estate market – the sphere of Capricorn. The collapse of the world economy started with the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, when mortgage agencies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, banks, Lehman Brothers, Washington Myuchel and other went bankrupt.


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