09.07.1638 – 24.07.1668
21.07.1882 – 10.09.1912

During Pluto transits through Gemini the general population got the opportunity to participate in the political process. Endorsement of the population becomes important for politicians. Influence of mass media was growing. The press became the fourth power. Political and economic importance of infrastructure projects increased. Infrastructure sector received large-scale government and private funding, particularly the railway and automotive industries. States tend to resolve international conflicts by agreements.

Passing through Gemini in the years of 1882-1912, Pluto has involved in political processes the general public around the world, for the first time in the history of human society. The universal suffrage has become in those years the standard for political systems in developed countries. Following France, Switzerland and the United States, middle and lower classes obtained the right to vote in the German Empire (1866-1871), The Netherlands (1887-1896), New Zealand (1893), Spain and Norway (1890), Austria (1896), the Grand Duchy of Baden (1904).


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