02.09.1692 – 18.10.1710
07.10.1937 – 20.10.1956

During Pluto transits through Leo the desire for autocracy culminates. This is the period of absolutism in power, when the ruler is equated to God. The foreign policy is characterized by the wish of world domination. A high degree of centralization is inherent to the economy.

The transit of 1692-1710 in France (the most influential country in Europe in those years) was the time of the reign of Louis XIV, called the Sun King. Louis is credited with saying, “I am the state”, which accurately characterizes the style during the reign of Pluto in Leo. Louis did not admit the nobility to the power, tamed it by the court posts. In the provinces, he limited the power of the governors, making it formal. In the religious sphere, the King also sought to establish control.

In Russia, it was the reign of Peter the Great, who proclaimed himself Emperor and turned the class kingdom into the absolutist monarchy.


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