21.03.1552 – 25.04.1577
11.04.1797 – 16.04.1822

Pluto in Pisces actualizes topic of religion in political life, aggravating interconfessional contradictions. The competition on the seas become a key issue in international politics. The rulers of these periods have oddities and quirks, great sensitivity and susceptibility to mental illness. Many of them become victims of poisoning, end their life in confinement or die under mysterious circumstances. Their life is often of a martyr character. It is mysterious and full of riddles historical periods. Many of the events of these years become legends.
The superiority on the seas played an exceptional geopolitical role during the transit of 1552-1577. The United Kingdom, having become the leading maritime power, also became a world economic leader for centuries. In the 1570’s, there was the real naval war between England and Spain, which both claimed to be world leader in this area. A characteristic feature of this war was its secretiveness: the war was undeclared; the two powers resorted to secret techniques and tricks, such as attracting pirates. Elizabeth personally sponsored such events, providing protection to the robbers.


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