10.12.1748 – 08.01.1762
17.01.1995 – 26.01.2008

Pluto in Sagittarius is the time of globalization. Transnational corporations set the tone of the economy. It is the time of mega-deals in the market of mergers and acquisitions. There are large bubbles on the stock markets. Consumer sentiment is very optimistic. Loans are taken in the hope for the infinite growth. Economy is getting overheated. The rulers of this period may be interested in the humanities and philosophy, want to look like scientists and enlightened. Differences in beliefs and cultural traditions at this time may cause intergroup conflict and terrorist activities.

The penultimate Pluto transit through Sagittarius (1748-1762) was the era of enlightened absolutism, which has brought a new look to statehood. Its characteristic feature was the desire to put philosophy, culture and science at the service of governance. It was a unique alliance of the monarchy and the philosophy, science and statehood. At this time, the rulers patronized philosophers and men of science, listened to them.

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