06.12.1736 – 10.12.1748
05.11.1983 – 17.01.1995

Pluto in Scorpio converts latent and chronic political and economic problems into an acute form. Systemic crises in the military, political, financial and economic fields, that occurring in this time, destroy the obsolete institutions, deeply transform the system, and create a new formation. Prostitution, organized crime, drug addiction and other elements of the seamy side of life come to the fore in the most explicit form.

The last transit began with the emergence of HIV in 1983. Mortality and epidemic diseases made authorities to recognize and address the problems that many states were not inclined to unveil: drug addiction, prostitution, promiscuous sex life.

Another important topic of the transit was the careless treatment with radioactive and toxic substances, the danger of which underestimated. Pluto in Scorpio showed how enormous can be the consequences of such an attitude. This was the period of the largest in human history anthropogenic disasters caused by “human reliability”.


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