08.07.1606 – 09.07.1638
20.05.1851 – 21.07.1882

Pluto in Taurus uses capital in the struggle for power. Economy, the financial and banking system are the central theme of these transits. This is a time of global change in the economic structure of the world and the movement of financial flows.

During the transit of 1851-1882, Pluto cut off the outdated socio-economic formations: serfdom (1861) and slavery (1865). Thus, an agrarian society was ending, and a new page was opened in the history of the world economy. “Capitalism” was written in large letters on this page.

With the transformation of an agrarian society into an industrial one, rapid monopolization of the industry and the associated concentration of capital began. The driver of these processes was the second industrial revolution, which placed a global economy on the scientific path. Western Europe, the US, Russia, Japan were at the forefront of these processes. The introduction of the Bessemer process in steelmaking in 1850 boosted the economy.


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