18.10.1710 – 14.11.1724
20.10.1956 – 05.10.1971

In Virgo Pluto gives a powerful impetus to the state scientific researches. During these transits the development of scientific and technical base becomes the very important part of the state policy, and science becomes the main scene of rivalry between the major powers.

Science during the passage of Pluto through Virgo comes to the fore in domestic and foreign policy. In this period, investing in the science significantly improves a country’s position in the world. For example, in the 1950’s, the commitment to new technologies, mass purchase of patents, own know-hows and large investments in knowledge-intensive industries have allowed Japan in record time to turn from the country with a completely ruined economy to the global technology leader with the 3rd place in the world in terms of GDP and industrial production.

This transit was marked by the so-called space race, in which the USSR and the US competed for the role of the world leader in the field of space technology. There were launched artificial satellites (1957), a space rocket (1958), a station for the study of the surface of the Moon (1958). The first manned space flight was carried out in 1961.


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