If Uranus operates through the ideological sphere, Neptune – through the emotional sphere, Pluto manifested mostly at the event level. In its transits, the planet profoundly transforms the spheres of human life, which humans are evolutionarily ready to change.

Pluto’s influences mainly go through public establishments, religious, financial institutions and other large social groups. Personalities of the leaders of these structures well reflect manifestations of Pluto in a particular sign and period.

An important theme of Pluto transits is financial flows, which nourish and sustain life of states and large social formations. It manifested mainly through events, affecting the credit and banking sector. Economic structures, a set of economic relations are also the domain of Pluto.

The process of evolution, which is controlled by Pluto, is inevitably linked to the cycles of birth and death. Therefore, Pluto manages relevant epiphenomena of transformation: cleansing, mutations, death of an obsolete. In transits, it is events, related to birth and death, wars.

Pluto is directly related to the development of such disciplines as genetics, obstetrics, critical care medicine, pathological anatomy and surgery, as well as such activities as magic, occultism, energy practices.


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