18.02.1828 – 29.04.1835
30.01.1912 – 01.04.1919
01.04.1995 – 10.03.2003

If Uranus in Capricorn opens a new in the external organization of a world order, Uranus in Aquarius discloses the essential questions of life, its internal laws. Ideas of this period are so incredible that seem implausible. The full their depth and evolutionary significance is revealed only in the next decades. These transits open opportunities for people to carry out a qualitative leap of consciousness, move the focus of perception of the world into the higher areas.

Uranus in Aquarius is a great democrat and leveler. It gives equally generously to everyone and creates a space where inequality and discrimination are impossible a priori. The spheres of life, experiencing the influence of Uranus in Aquarius, are often defined by the signs, hosting the transpersonal planets which have aspects with Uranus. It is well illustrated by the recent transit. The main theme of the last Uranus transit through Aquarian was determined by its sextile (1995-2000) and quintile (2001-2003) with Pluto in Sagittarius. This is the topic of education, knowledge, and society associated questions. The most significant event in this period is the emergence of the Internet. In 1995, with the appearance of AltaVista, the first search engine that understands the language queries, people got access to a huge library of knowledge with unprecedented opportunities for self-development and sharing of knowledge.

The influence of Uranus in Aquarius raises people above the social constructs that have a discriminatory nature. It creates the space with free communication on an equal footing. An example of it is the Internet, where people communicate without regard to social status and have equal informational opportunities.


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