20.04.1843 – 08.07.1850
31.03.1927 – 06.06.1934
28.05.2010 – 15.05.2018

Uranus in Aries – it is the desire at any price to gain freedom, to throw off the shackles that hinders the active implementation of ideas. It is a flight of the butterfly, which breaks through captivity of a cocoon and soars into the sky. And it does not matter that the flight often ends at the flame of fighting and revolutions. Uranus in Aries does not think differently: freedom or death. It is the time for decisive, reckless and radical actions in the name of ideas.

Uranus makes to wish changes not only for oneself. People, conducting the energy of Uranus in Aries, tend to inspire actively all around with their ideas:

Get up, branded with a curse,

The whole of hungry people and of slaves.

Our indignant mind is boiling with anger

And ready to lead us in a mortal fight.

We will destroy all the world of violence

Completely, and then

We will built our world, we will built the new world –

Who was nothing will become everything.


The transit of 1843-1850 gives one of the clearest examples of Uranus’s manifestation in Aries. This period is known in history as the Spring of Nations – the time of revolutionary movements, armed uprisings and other forms of disobedience to the authorities, which broke out in several European countries. These social movements had anti-feudal and national-liberating character.

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