12.07.1781 – 14.10.1787
27.06.1865 – 14.09.1871
30.08.1948 – 24.08.1955

Uranus in Cancer brings sudden drastic changes in the caste and class structure of society and in household life. New foods and eating habits may appear. There are possible discoveries in the field of history, archeology, genetics, psychology and other disciplines related to the themes of Cancer.

A striking example of the manifestation of Uranus in Cancer in the socio-political sphere is the reforms of Peter I, the Russian tsar. They began with a haircut beards of boyars initiated by Peter the Great on his return from a trip abroad in 1698. These reforms affected the entire way of life of the estates. The European customs and fashion have been introduced in Russian way of life. The secular parties, called “assemblies” spread among nobles.
Peter I introduced a new structure of society. It had a distinct class character. In 1704, The Decree on the Estates equated to each other noble and boyar manors and forbade their splitting. Rights and responsibilities of the nobility have been expanded; oppression of serfs was strengthened. The importance of boyar class was reduced. In 1699, Peter organized the Middle Chancellery, which became the prototype of the future Senate. Since then the Boyar Duma started to go into oblivion. In the early 1700’s, Peter also issued a series of decrees, which have significantly reduced the independence of the clergy.


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