06.01.1821 – 18.02.1828
20.12.1904 – 30.01.1912
15.02.1988 – 01.04.1995

Uranus in Capricorn brings a revolution in the human comprehension of time and space, changing the worldview and the perception of the laws of the universe. It is a time of changing of the geopolitical landscape, a time of testing the strength of state institutions and borders. Coups, constitutional and systemic crises often occur during these periods.

The main driving force behind the ideological sentiment during Uranus transits through Capricorn is the need to get rid of cramped obsolete formations, such as forms of government that do not meet the demands of time anymore, outdated alliances, an external control that constrains the development. During these transits, Uranus makes capital repair of the building of statehood, which often results in the demolition of non-viable structures. If a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune occurs in such transits, it makes the ongoing processes very large-scale.


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