14.10.1787 – 09.09.1794
14.09.1871 – 25.08.1878
24.08.1955 – 01.11.1961

Uranus in Leo manifests brightly. At this time the theme of self-assertion and self-expression sound loud in various spheres of social life. There are appearing individual social groups with their own subculture, which is different and antagonistic to the majority. Original concepts appear in the ideological sphere.

During the transit of 1955-1961, some people begin to distance themselves from the rest of the part of the society and form groups with its own special view of the world. Such groups were closely united by their own ideas and values. This new social phenomenon was named “sub-culture”. The phenomenon of subcultures fully represented such features of Leo as the desire of self-expression, demonstration of individuality, as well as the features of Uranus: ideological affinity, equitable democratic relations within the group, accentuated independence, epatage, and challenge to society.

The emergence of subcultures in these years had of a mass character and was inherent to different countries. The Beat movement was one of the most popular and historically significant among them. It became the parent subculture for hippie subculture. The beatniks are also directly related to the appearance of mods in Russia and the religious and musical movement of Rasta men in Jamaica. Bikers and greasers in the United States, teddy-boys and mods in the UK appeared in this time too. The term “subculture” also spread in this period, after the American sociologist David Riesman began to use it in his researches in the 1950’s.


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