01.11.1800 – 07.01.1807
14.10.1884 – 10.12.1890
28.09.1968 – 21.11.1974

Uranus in Libra put people in front of moral and ethical issues, which concern human rights, justice, and compliance of the balance of interests. This is the time of the moral revolution. People acutely feel lies and double standards; it is difficult to them to ignore lawlessness. There is an internal protest against the oppression of one people by others, the need to restore justice and protect the rights and freedoms or even just to express their civil position, stand on the side of truth at least symbolically.

The entire transit of 1968-1974 was marked with the struggle for freedom of conscience. People wanted to live in harmony with the world or, as one of the leading ideologues of the period Alexander Solzhenitsyn said – “live not by lies”. In the USSR and Eastern European countries, it was the heyday of the dissident movement, fighting against the communist looking glass. One of the main slogans of dissidence “for your and our freedom” accurately reflects the spirit of Uranus. The struggle for the right for own opinion, access to objective information were the basis of the motion. According to a well-known dissident Elena Bonner, dissidents sought to “get rid of the official lies”.


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