07.01.1807 – 20.12.1813
26.09.1891 – 02.12.1897
21.11.1974 – 17.02.1981

Uranus in Scorpio brings the need to overcome existing boundaries, to destroy the established order. Its lowest manifestation brings anarchy, extremism. Its higher manifestation gives the striving for transcendence. If Uranus in Aries – it is “freedom or death”, Uranus in Scorpio often associates freedom with death itself, as in symbolic as well in literal sense. It is the time when people have the great interest to the inner side of reality, magic and occultism, search of hidden causes of phenomena and methods of influence on the world around us. It is a favorable time for the discoveries in psychology and sexology.

The last decade of XIX and the first decade of the XX century was a time of rampant anarchy and terrorism around the world. During these years the victims of the terror have become the president of France and the United States, the Empress and the heir of the throne of Austria-Hungary, the two prime ministers of Spain, King of Italy, King of Greece, King and heir to the throne of Portugal, the Russian Prince and Prime Minister.


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