09.09.1794 – 01.11.1800
25.08.1878 – 14.10.1884
01.11.1961 – 28.09.1968

Uranus in Virgo brings the scientific and technological progress and the flowering of applied sciences. The innovations of these periods increase productivity and work efficiency. There are many important discoveries in the medicine, especially in the hygiene. Pragmatic and materialistically oriented thinking dominates in the ideological sphere.

Science itself in its modern sense was born on a transit of Uranus through Virgo. Historians associate this event with Nicholas Copernicus’s book On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, published in 1543. Since then religious outlook wanes and rationality becomes the criterion of understanding of the world. The main theme of Uranus transits through Virgo is breakthroughs in applied sciences and their application in the form of new equipment and new technologies, know-hows.
On the transit of 1710-1716, Peter I introduced the latest technology to the economy and created own scientific foundation for the Russian national economy. In 1712, he founded the first Russian military engineering school. Peter was also famous as an apologist of applied sciences and had very practically oriented turn of mind. The scale of these changes was largely due to the transit of Pluto, which was also in Virgo at that period.

There were radical changes in the organization of industrial production and many new industries technology appeared on the transit of 1878-1884. It changed the nature of work and the role of man in the production process. It was the time of The Second Industrial and Technological Revolution, which brought production to a qualitatively new level.


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