Uranus is the consciousness, aspiring to heaven. Freedom and progress are above all for this planet. It is the main themes of its transits. Freedom and progress are absolute values for Uranus, and it is ready to put everything on their altar. We can see the pace of Uranus in the riots and revolutions, uprisings and rebellions, liberation movements, the struggle for the right to have own view and to determine own existence independently.

Freedom and independence are not possible without informed thinking and free interaction between people. Therefore, the development of science, information and communication sectors is also ruled by Uranus.

The degree of human freedom is directly proportional to the understanding of the patterns and principles of life, the structure of the world and own place in it – questions, which are explored by philosophy and astrology. Accordingly, transits of Uranus directly impact the course of development of these sciences. As the adherent of progress, Uranus manifests in the economic and socio-political reforms, revolutionary discoveries in all fields of science.

In addition, the planet rules the development of so-called sciences of Uranus – industries, which are the direct product of scientific and technological progress: computer technologies, electronics, aviation, space industry, etc.

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